Friday, July 1, 2011

Henry Quotes (June 2011 Edition)

As I sang Silas to sleep last night with the song I adapted from "Bye Bye Birdie" (We love you Silas/Oh yes we do/We love you Silas/And we'll be true) my heart warmed as Henry sang along. Alas, he was singing, "We love you Silas/Oh yes we do/We love you Silas/And we'll smush you."

ME: Henry, could you please put your bowl on the kitchen counter?
HENRY: I thought you'd never ask.

HENRY: Do you know my least favorite part of my dance in the Spring Sing? [shows me] That was stupid. If the dance were a piece of paper, I'd cut that part out and throw it in the garbage.

HENRY (while playing Angry Birds): Boy, those birds must *really* hate those pigs if they're willing to destroy themselves to kill them.

HENRY (half asleep): Cover me up, please. [pause] Don't just lie there; cover me up!

I think Henry may have outgrown storytime at the library. When Miss Sue asked the kids what they know about kangaroos, he said, "Some species have adapted to live in trees and have lost the ability to jump."

Henry just told me, "Someone has to help me clean up! If Daddy won't do it, then you do. Silas doesn't understand about cleaning up and Venus doesn't have opposable thumbs."

Daddy has been introducing Henry to Jonathan Richman lately. His favorite song so far is "That Summer Feeling," but when he heard "The Tag Game" he said, "I hate tag."

Henry really slayed them at the dentist's office last week, regaling them with his knowledge of deserts and griping about Lily from his class at school. I had to laugh out loud when the hygienist asked him if he'd be going to first grade next fall and he answered, "Yes, but I'm trying to prevent it."

HENRY: Zoe said my birthday is only seven days after hers.
ME: That's not right. Her birthday is soon and yours is in August.
HENRY: I know, but she said that, and I said, "Oh!" because I was trying to go with the flow.

I love that Henry thinks the lyrics to the Death Cab song "You are a Tourist" are "There's a birdie in your heart" (it's really "When there's a burning in your heart.").

Block party today. Henry just ran out of the house, saying, "Goodbye, I have some serious water ballooning to do!"

I'm soooo proud of Henry. The little girl across the street was sad because she missed doing the pinata at the block party, so Henry gave her half of his candy and told her, "Friends are more important than candy."

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