Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Henry was an astronaut for Halloween. We spent way more than parents should spend for a kid's costume, but it was a huge hit.

A surprising number of people called Henry a "spaceman" or a "space cadet."

Finally Henry walked up to the grown-up at the next house and announced, "By the way, I'm an astronaut."

Silas came along for the ride and sat patiently in the stroller for an hour while we made the rounds.

He was not too impressed by all the activity.

Henry objected that his candy bucket didn't really go with his costume, because "why would an astronaut be carrying a pumpkin?"

But then why would an astronaut be trick-or-treating?

By the way, the cow is our neighbor Patti. I included this shot because I'm just so amused by a tiny astronaut and a cow standing around together.

I mean, what's an astronaut doing talking to a cow?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Eleven Months

I can't believe that the last update I posted about Silas was over two months ago. Sorry, little one! I've been busy enjoying him, though.

I mean, look at that face! He is just a little ball of sunshine. So happy most of the time. But he's also developing a feisty side. Now when we put him on the changing table he yells and cries. It used to be his happy place, but no longer. He's also not too happy about going in his carseat or even sometimes his stroller. I think now that he's so mobile he either wants to be on the move or in our arms.

He can now just reach the piano keys, if he raises his hands up over his head. He has always loved the piano; when my husband sits down to play, Silas will immediately crawl over to him and whine until he's lifted up onto Daddy's lap where he can bang on the keys. But now, he's cut out the middle man.

Still no words, though he does say "mamamamama" and will repeat it if I ask him to say it. Still not walking, but lots of creeping along the furniture.

He sits and plays by himself more than I remember Henry doing. He likes to flip through the pages of his board books on his own, though he never sits still long enough for me to read him one.

He's devious like Henry, though; when he puts something in his mouth that he shouldn't (carpet fuzz is a particular favorite) and sees us coming, he clamps his mouth shut tight and tries to crawl away.

He still nurses almost exclusively. He hasn't seemed super interested in food, and with everything we've been through with Henry I'll admit I'm a bit worried about him developing allergies. He has eaten (and enjoyed) liver sausage, though. That made for an interesting smelling poopy diaper.

He has this way of looking at us very intently. Sometimes when we're holding him he will back his head away and look at us full in the face. Then we smile, he smiles back, and his whole face lights up. Such a sweet, sweet boy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Henry Quotes (September 2011 Edition)

HENRY: That kind of sounds like "Daddy."
ME: Sometimes babies do say "Da" or "Dada" for "Daddy."
HENRY: Or maybe he means "Da Mom."

DADDY: Goodbye, Henry. I'm going to work.
HENRY: I think a kiss would be appropriate.

HENRY: Mom, would you look up this Lego kit and find out how much it costs?
ME: It's $119.
HENRY: Are they KIDDIN' me?!

HENRY: I don't want to walk to school today! I want to take the van!
DADDY: Why don't you want to walk? Does something hurt?
HENRY: No, it just takes too long.
DADDY: What would you rather do with that time?
HENRY: Spend it with you.

ME: Henry, wear long pants today. It's kind of chilly out.
HENRY: What's the temperature?
ME: 50 degrees.
HENRY: Above or below zero?

HENRY (patting my legs as I brush his hair): Mom, your legs sure are jello-y this morning.

HENRY (after throwing a fit and having a few minutes to reflect): Mommy, I'm sorry. I forgive you.

Alarm goes off. Henry wakes up and immediately says, "One, I do not want to go to school. Two, I do not want to go to school. Three, I do not want to go to school!"