Monday, February 27, 2012


We have quite the ridiculous co-sleeping set-up in our bedroom. It consists of a twin bed against the wall (where Silas & I sleep), another twin bed (where Henry sleeps) and a queen-sized bed where my husband sleeps.

There's a bedrail in between the two twin mattresses to keep Henry from migrating over and lying all over me. (It's enough that I have to deal with Silas hogging my space; I don't think my back could take two barnacle children.)

However, this doesn't keep Henry from pressing himself right.up.against.the.bedrail, or from hanging his head around the end of it.

That's my view when I look to my right. (The blue thing is the bedrail, by the way.)

Here's the view to my left:

They're never sweeter than when they're sleeping.

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