Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-or-Treat 2012

This year Henry wanted to dress up as a devil. But not just any costume would do. Oh, no. He was very, let's say particular, about how he needed to look. We spent 45 minutes surfing the internet for just the right costume and still didn't even come close.

I'll say this for Henry: the kid knows what he wants.

Finally, we were able to cobble together an ensemble from a cape a friend sent us; a shirt he already owned; pants from another friend; an old mask I had to scrub feathers from and then color with a red Sharpie marker; and horns we bought new but had to color black.

I think the results were pretty good, actually.

We dressed Silas in the bear costume Henry wore when he was three. It was a little big on him, since his birthday is several months later in the year than Henry's, but it worked.

I make the cutest little bears.

Silas wasn't clear on the whole concept of trick-or-treating. The first time a neighbor dropped a candy in his bucket, he said, "Uh-oh!" and took it out.

I had to convince him to leave the candy there.

We walked for blocks and blocks, and Silas kept up just fine. What a trooper.

My not-so-little devil.

My very little bear.

My two sweet boys.

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