Friday, April 1, 2011

Henry Quotes (March 2011 Edition)

HENRY (after arguing with me about something): Mom, I don't want to fight anymore. I just want you to do what I asked.

We've been telling Henry lately that we don't want to hear him talk back to us. Tonight as I got into it with him over something, he yelled, "How's this for back talk? I'M SORRY!"

Henry wasn't thrilled with what I served for dinner, and he said he was full. I warned him that he should make sure he really was full, because he wasn't going to get any more food before bed. He said, "I know. I could beg and beg and nothing would happen."

HENRY: At school they call gym, art & music class "specials," but they're not special at all!

Last night Henry said to me, "Mom, have you heard of something like 'Star Wars' called 'Cone Wars'? Liam said all the spaceships are shaped like cones."

I've been working my way through the "Little House" books with Henry. Last night he said, "Why don't they ever talk about Laura going to the bathroom? It seems like she never has to go."

HENRY: Salmon are born in fresh water, then go out to sea. After they get married, their babies are born in fresh water and it starts all over again.

A Cub Scout selling popcorn just rang our doorbell. After Daddy said, "No, thank you" and closed the door, Henry said, "But he said it was delicious!"

HENRY: Venus [our cat] is going to have to learn to feed herself, because I'm getting tired of feeding her.

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