Thursday, September 1, 2011

Henry Quotes (August 2011 Edition)

HENRY (to Silas): Remember me? I'm Henry. But you can call me "Hen" if it's easier.
ME: How about "Mep"? Because I think that's what Silas said.
HENRY: Yeah, that works too.

Henry was working on a new Lego kit this morning and said, "This is NOT WORKING. It must be for ages 100 and up!"

Daddy & Henry were checking out at our local food co-op when Henry said, "Thanks for shopping at Outpost, blah blah blah."

HENRY: You're the best mom in the universe. Write it down!

Last week when Daddy & Henry went to Outpost, Henry was hopping on one foot and flailing his arms down the aisles. He fell into a shelf of salad dressing, and as he was putting the bottles back Daddy asked him if he had learned anything. Henry said yes, but then he immediately started hopping down the aisle again. Daddy said, "I thought you said you learned something," and Henry replied, "I did. I learned not to talk to you."

AUNT KAREN: Oh no, I forgot my book. Darn it!
HENRY: You mean, "Damn it!"

HENRY: I want to be an alien for Halloween. But I want to have a spaceship around me and just my head sticking up through the hole. Plus I want a container in the back for candy.
ME: That sounds complicated.
HENRY: No! It's simple!
ME: So you're going to make it, then?
HENRY: It's not *that* simple.

ME: So tomorrow I was thinking I'd try a new recipe...
HENRY: Bored.
ME: What did you say?
HENRY: I said I'm bored.

HENRY: I don't like it when you say my name. I don't like my name.
ME: I didn't like my name when I was a kid, but now I like it.
HENRY: What was it?

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