Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nine-month Update

Silas had his nine-month check up this week. He's 29.25" tall (84th percentile) and 20 lbs. 10 oz. (55th percentile).

He's still never had any solid food, which raises eyebrows, believe me. I guess with Henry's history of food intolerances I'm hesitant to push things with Silas. Since he's obviously thriving on my breastmilk (and he's not crying or grabbing for our food), I'm waiting until the time seems right.

Just yesterday he started crawling with a forward motion, spurred on by his desire to mess with the external hard drive sitting on the floor.

He's been crying when my husband takes him from me, or when I walk through the room he's sitting in. He'll still go to strangers, but only if he's not hungry or tired, and not as willingly as before.

He also cries when we take something away from him, like a piece of grass he's decided to shove in his mouth. (Hey, I thought he'd just play with it.) Henry didn't start throwing a fit about that until about ten months. Just sayin'.

He's interested in everything, which I know I should be happy about since it means he's smart and healthy and developing normally, but damn it's annoying when I'm trying to hold him with one arm and, say, drink a cup of coffee with the other.

Still, he's such a sweet little bundle to carry around.

That boy is pure joy.

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