Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick-or-Treat 2013

This year, like last year, Henry pushed me to my absolute limit in helping him come up with his Halloween costume. He has very strong opinions but isn't always able to articulate exactly what he wants. Or if he is, what he wants doesn't appear to exist anywhere but in his brain.

First he said he wanted to be an alien bunny, which I thought was a cute idea. But he didn't like any of the alien masks we saw, and the bunny costumes we found were either for toddlers or too expensive.

After much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands (on my part), Henry decided it would be okay to be a superhero bunny. We already had some ears from a long-ago Easter and we found a superhero costume on Etsy to go with it. The superhero items were really for a much smaller child, but ultimately I was able to make it work.

I dug a GAP hoodie out of our bin of hand-me-down clothes, turned it inside out, added pillow fluff for a tail and sewed a star on the front to mimic the star on the cape. And...I think it turned out great.

This kid. He pushes me and pushes me, and I dig my heels in and kick and scream the whole way, but ultimately we come out the other side with something pretty good.

As for Silas, he wore the same costume as last year, the same costume Henry wore when he was little. A cute, snuggly, bear costume I had purchased already made. It's so much easier when I can tell the kid, "Look! You're going to be a bear!" and he's excited and BAM! Done.

I mean, look at the cuteness.

Funny story -- Silas wanted to wear his bear costume to Henry's school costume parade. We stood and waited for Henry's class to come out, and finally, as Henry walked past, Silas darted away from me toward him. Henry turned and said, "My sidekick!" So, so cute.

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