Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Henry was an astronaut for Halloween. We spent way more than parents should spend for a kid's costume, but it was a huge hit.

A surprising number of people called Henry a "spaceman" or a "space cadet."

Finally Henry walked up to the grown-up at the next house and announced, "By the way, I'm an astronaut."

Silas came along for the ride and sat patiently in the stroller for an hour while we made the rounds.

He was not too impressed by all the activity.

Henry objected that his candy bucket didn't really go with his costume, because "why would an astronaut be carrying a pumpkin?"

But then why would an astronaut be trick-or-treating?

By the way, the cow is our neighbor Patti. I included this shot because I'm just so amused by a tiny astronaut and a cow standing around together.

I mean, what's an astronaut doing talking to a cow?

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