Saturday, October 1, 2011

Henry Quotes (September 2011 Edition)

HENRY: That kind of sounds like "Daddy."
ME: Sometimes babies do say "Da" or "Dada" for "Daddy."
HENRY: Or maybe he means "Da Mom."

DADDY: Goodbye, Henry. I'm going to work.
HENRY: I think a kiss would be appropriate.

HENRY: Mom, would you look up this Lego kit and find out how much it costs?
ME: It's $119.
HENRY: Are they KIDDIN' me?!

HENRY: I don't want to walk to school today! I want to take the van!
DADDY: Why don't you want to walk? Does something hurt?
HENRY: No, it just takes too long.
DADDY: What would you rather do with that time?
HENRY: Spend it with you.

ME: Henry, wear long pants today. It's kind of chilly out.
HENRY: What's the temperature?
ME: 50 degrees.
HENRY: Above or below zero?

HENRY (patting my legs as I brush his hair): Mom, your legs sure are jello-y this morning.

HENRY (after throwing a fit and having a few minutes to reflect): Mommy, I'm sorry. I forgive you.

Alarm goes off. Henry wakes up and immediately says, "One, I do not want to go to school. Two, I do not want to go to school. Three, I do not want to go to school!"

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